Mary Hello.
Mike Mary? Is that you?
Mary Yes, Mary here… Who’s speaking?
Mike It’s Mike.
Mary Mike?… Mike who?
Mike What do you mean ‘Mike who?’… Mike Conners, of course.
Mary Oh, Mike… I’m sorry.
Mike Yes. We had a date last night. Where were you?
Mary Oh, I’m sorry, Mike. I couldn’t come.
Mike Couldn’t come! Why couldn’t you come?
Mary Well, I had to wash my hair.
Mike Wash you hair! Why didn’t you phone me?
Mary I wanted to phone you, but I couldn’t remember your number.
Mike But it’s in the telephone directory.
Mary Yes, I know, but I couldn’t remember your surname.
Mike Oh… But why did you have to wash your hair last night?
Mary Well, I had to do it last night because I’m going to the opera tonight.
Mike The opera! Who with?
Mary George… George Johnson… my boss’s son.
Mike I see.
Mary He asked me yesterday. I didn’t want to go but I couldn’t say no.


Who’s telephoning?
Who’s answering the phone?
Did they have a date?
Ask “When?”
Why couldn’t she come?
Did she want to phone him?
Why didn’t she phone him?
Is his number in the directory?
Why couldn’t she find it?
Did she have to wash her hair?
Ask “Why?”
Is she going to the opera with Mike?
Ask “Who… with?”
Did she want to go?
Why did she say yes?





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