'Hello' may have come from  Old English "whole be thou" or French Ho LA(1400)It was shout to "stop "or "pay attention"

To get a stranger attention across a short distance ,you may shout" hello there" or "hello"  .calling to your friend "hi there".

" hullo "or hello "can be also used as an exclamation of surprise .For example ,if you found a pen that you lost, etc. Today  ,as a greeting ,"hello "is used mostly used to answer the phone .A polite child may say "hello ,This is the Smith 's  residence. "good morning is used often for both friends and strangers .The formal "Good afternoon "&Good evening "are used less often in the US.

Even though the following popular greeting is a question  ,most of the time people do not expect  an answer ."hi, Kit. How are you?"

If you haven't seen a friend for a while ,you could ( smile

"Good to see you ,Jack "He may explain why you haven't see him"

In a situation where someone has been ill or troubled you may say "Hi; Ed. How are you feeling? Or may generally  ,"how 's it going?"









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