would rather

would rather=(modal+adv+v)expresses,that is, the liking or choosing over another"I'd rather +any v

'The contraction "I'd "for"I would "plus any verb is a high frequency structure ,e.g.I'd rather go (see,eat,etc)"I'd rather+any v"is often used with "than"as shownin the lines above .after "than"a noun phrase may is used ,"than a nail".the use of the modal"would "shows a conditional mood ,that is ,the result of an imagined eventor happening."would rather +verb "is used with many tense :I'd rather visit my aunt than visit my uncle.e.g .present perfect tense :"The french restaurant was pleasent ,but I would ratherhave gone to an Italian one.e.g.peresent progressive tense :I would rather be taking a nap than studing English"Much rather "can be used )


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